Native Lives matter! America’s National Media Ignoring Police Murders of Native People. Our Protests Fall on Deaf Ears!

By Thomas Pearce and  Dave Ortiz,

December 15th 2014
Cases of American Indians being killed by American policeman are well documented. Sitting Bull was killed by police in South Dakota December 15th 1890. Before and after the killing of Sitting Bull the police have been the most  lethal weapon against indigenous people. We also know that even today even Indians like Daniel Tiger a Lakota man in Rapid City South Dakota have defended themselves against police. Daniel was shot after a routine traffic stop ended with two police officers and Daniel Tiger passed on from this world. We all know the problems the police have given our Mohawk brothers and sisters all the way to the East in Canada and New York and there are cases all the way to Tustin California where Paul Quintanar who was Apache Navajo, and Hopi was forced onto a highway trying to flee police and was killed there.

Melissa Goodblanket is the mother of Mah Hi Vist Goodblanket, an 18 year old Cheyenne- Arapaho teen who was murdered by policemen in Custer County in Clinton Oklahoma. He was killed by Custer County deputies on Dec 2013.
 His parents had called emergency services to assist with calming Mah Hi Vist down. 

Mah Hi Vist Goodblanket, was killed by police Dec 21st 2013. His murderers were not indicted. In fact they were given medals.

Mah Hi Vist Goodblanket, was killed by police Dec 21st 2013. His murderers were not indicted. In fact they were given medals.

He had been diagnosed with Oppositional Defiance Disorder. Shortly after arriving police officers Chance Avery and Dillon Mach had shot Mah Hi Vist Goodblanket dead in his parents Melissa and Wilbur’s home. “The family was never even questioned or spoken to”. Melissa Goodblanket stated that the State of Oklahoma has completely ignored them or even asked them any questions into the case. Officers Avery and Mach were given “Medals of Honor” for murdering their son. “Public records requests in the case have been ignored”. Says Melissa Goodblanket.

Mah HiVist had travelled to England and France as an ambassador for his people. He had attended Haskell Indian Nations. April 11th would have been his 19th birthday. How did this bright star become dimmed? Racist police? Unjust legal system? After everything that has happened the Goodblankets yearn to stand in solidarity with other Americans in standing up against police brutality. Police brutality against Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and all other cases of police misconduct. Imagine how strong we all could be if we all stood together? It would be one thing if this were the only case against police brutality in the country against an American Indian but in fact it is one of many.

Melissa Goodblanket speaking at protest for her son MahHivist

Melissa Goodblanket speaking at protest for her son MahHivist

From Melissa Goodblanket. “Mah-hi-vist Touching Cloud Goodblanket. Suffered an emotional crisis on Dec 21, 2013. The OSBI did the formal investigation. The State of Oklahoma doesn’t adhere to the Open Information Act when the OSBI is the investigative party and families just like the Goodblankets have no closure with the records being held. This is unknown constitutional and yet another atrocity against citizens. Seems few have the strength and burning desire to face the corruption that is evident and local prosecutors should not have the opportunity to decide the justified or unjustified rule. The law enforcement gangs will only protect their own. So until multitudes of us rise in every state together….and meet in Washington this senseless loss of life will continue. No one is exempt from this happening either.
Mah-hi-vist lived in Clinton Oklahoma….Custer County.”

Protesters marching for Mah HiVist Good Blanket

Protesters marching for Mah HiVist Good Blanket

Lets look at a few more cases in Oklahoma. Christina Tahhahwah Lawton OK. She died after being tasered repeatedly in the Lawton jail. Police have admitted she was tasered. She was jailed Nov 14th 2014 , she died in the hospital Nov 17th. She was originally thrown in jail for trespassing at her grandparents after she threw some milk. Imagine being killed for spilled milk. Hundreds of people showed up to her funeral.

Then there is the case of Benjamin Whiteshield in Clinton Oklahoma. Benjamin was accused of waving a wrench at an officer and was killed for that. Now in this case, Benjamin had a psychiatric disorder. He had been taken to the police station to “assist him with his problems”. He ended up dead. Seems to be a common complaint with Oklahoma Police. People in need of help being shot to death. Officers rewarded.


Now to Utah, the case of Corey Kanosh a Paiute descendant who was killed on Oct 12th 2012  by Millard County police in Utah. Kanosh was accused of stealing a car and involved in a high speed chase. He was tasered and allegedly was not rendered into submission, he also ended up dead, when officers shot him to death. It seems officers in pursuit of Indians are unable to subdue them without killing them.

Then New Mexico. It is absolutely brutal! In Albuquerque since 2010, 37 people have been murdered by police. Homeless Indians in the town have been beaten almost to death by local teens and law enforcement has not tried very hard to stop it. The Navajo Nation  created the Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission, and charged them with investigating crimes against Navajo by police in bordering and nearby towns.It is important to remember that is Albuquerque native people, Latino people, and African Americans protested the shooting of James Boyd a homeless Caucasian man.

26 Tombstones set out to remember the 26 that had been killed by Albuquerque Police since 2010. Now the number is at 37!

26 Tombstones set out to remember the 26 that had been killed by Albuquerque Police since 2010. Now the number is at 37!

Indigenous residents who testified to the Navajo Council investigation into Police incidents told of how when they called police they were ending up in jail. Story after story of Indigenous people having violence done to them.

In New Mexico a Navajo nation tribal delgate witnessed Farmington NM police officer Shawn Scott  wrestling in a parking lot with Clint John of the Dine’ Nation. The officer then got up from wrestling with him on the ground and shot John Clint in the head in front of witnesses including a Navajo Nation Delegate in the parking lot of Walmart!

Then the case in New Mexico of Myles Rough Surface whose family had called police to report that there had been guns fired in the area by white gunmen. State Police in Spencerville NM came to the scene and instead of investigating the white gunmen they shot Myles Roughsurface whose family had called police.

Director of the Navajo Commission Leonard Gorman  stated the purpose of the commission’s public hearing. “We’re aware of the problems of policing in the United States, particularly after Ferguson. What’s important to us is that when Navajos complain to us, it’s common that they don’t want to report problems because of a fear of retaliation. Folks know that no one will respond to their complaints. Cops are a kind of click, a club that protects their own.” He concluded by saying that “the role of the police is supposed to be to protect and serve, but our people tell us that we need to protect ourselves from the police.”

Then we come to the case of a famous incident in Seattle. The case of woodcarver John Williams who was partially deaf and walking down the street carrying a block of wood and a pocketknife of legal length . Officer Ian Birk shot him dead in broad daylight for not responding to demands that he put down the knife. John Williams was partially deaf. It was recently announced that Officer Birk will not be indicted.  Tribe Called Red, the musical group, and others have written songs about him and Indian Country has been speaking out on his case. But there seems to be no justice for First Nations people affected by these brutal police actions.

Nitinah First Nations Woodcarver John Williams killed in Seattle by policeman who was not indicted.

Nitinah First Nations Woodcarver John Williams killed in Seattle by policeman who was not indicted.

I think you can see by all the killings covered in this article, the case of John Williams is for me glaring evidence that this is not just a case of rural cops gone crazy. This case is one of stark reality. This is America’s supposedly most progressive city. The announcement that officer Birk would not be indicted came in the midst of the Seattle left having rallies on behalf of Ferguson. This was right in their own city and what has happened? Native people seem to have no protection from brutal police. Not in New Mexico the state with the largest native population in the continental occupied territory of the United States. Not in Oklahoma, a land of many nations. Not in Utah.


Robert Villa was shot by police in front of his family by Tustin police.

Robert Villa was shot by police in front of his family by Tustin police.

Another case where a family called for assistance and ended up with a family member dead was the case of Robert Villa in Tustin California. Villa was of Apache and other indigenous heritage. He was shot by police who had been called to the home to assist in calming a disturbance. He ended up being killed in yet another case where a family called for help and got death instead. Many Latinos of indigenous heritage are treated brutally by police as a common practice.

When  you look at the cases of Latinos with indigenous heritage and indigenous North Americans, you will see that the United States is still at war with indigenous people. In the jails of Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana and most of Indian Country indigenous people are incarcerated at almost 3 times the amount of the white population. There has been civil unrest. There have been lawsuits filed. Many protests have been carried out in Oklahoma. Yet the nation’s media is focused elsewhere. Is it because they are afraid of what will happen if  American Indians, African Americans, Latinos and working class whites rise up against this unjust system? Yes!

Villa's mother speaks at protest of her son Robert by Tustin California Police

Villa’s mother speaks at protest of her son Robert by Tustin California Police


Albuquerque protester blocking militarized APD preparing to attack protesters.

Albuquerque protester blocking militarized APD preparing to attack protesters.

I know what you are thinking. “Why didn’t I hear about this before? Ask yourself that question again and think about everything going on. How could there be 37 shootings in an American city and the rest of the world not know about it? How could teargas be used on protesters and the national media not pick it up. It seems America is happy to try to keep the issues White and Black. As long as the issues are White and Black we will all continue to marginalize each other and stand alone.  Imagine if we all got together and stood as one? We would be unbeatable. That is why you haven’t heard of these cases. America is counting on you not hearing about these cases. American Indians have been protesting consistently alongside

Albuquerque drummer at protest

Albuquerque drummer at protest

Ferguson and NYC, indigenous protesters from Louisville to San Francisco to NYC have been marching in protests against police brutality.  . We need the rest of the people in this country fighting for liberation to take up the cry of Mah Hi Vist Goodblanket, of Christina Tahhahwah, of Myles Rough Surface, of Corey Kanosh, of John Williams, Clint John, of  of all of the victims of police brutality in this occupied nation!!

So far Amy Goodman of Democracy Now, and Mark Thompson- Matsimela Mapfumo of Make it Plain Radio on Sirius XM Radio have been among the few that have taken notice of police crimes against American Indians.  . The NATIONAL MEDIA OUTLETS have ignored these cases. Many killings that occurred in Albuquerque were of Native people and Latino’s who had indigenous heritage. Hundreds of people in Albuquerque have been protesting since long before the failure of Missouri prosecutors to indict Darren Wilson, the murderer of Michael Brown. Many might say, “well there were riots in Ferguson”. There was also unrest in Albuquerque.There is unrest in Ferguson. There  is unrest from Oakland to New York. The problem is that police have no Civilian oversight except in a few places. The problem is the drug war. The problem is that America is at war with people of color. They always have been and they always will be.

The national media has ignored this problem long enough. Proving their racism and media bias once again. The questions that are being asked by most of the land are being asked by Indian Country. Why do police departments have to be militarized to keep us safe. Why can’t we have Civilian Police Review Boards? Why can’t we have impartial grand juries to indict police officers when they murder people of color? Why can’t the gap between rich and poor be closed so people can have opportunities to have a decent quality of life. Why can’t there be more American Indian police, more African American police, more Latino police? Why do our prisons have to be filled with people of color? Why don’t we have drug treatment on demand? These are the solutions to the problems with brutal police. They need to be implemented now.

One thing is certain the legacy of Mike Brown, Eric Garner, John Williams, Mah His Vist Good Blanket, John Clint, Christina Tahhahwah, Benjamin Whiteshield, Corey Kanosh, Robert Villa,Paul Quintanar. Myles Rough Surface and all the victims of police brutality are honored when we all stand united together. Because police are not required to report publicly the numbers of people killed by law enforcement we may never be able to find all of them. This article is for all victims of police brutality everywhere.





American Communists, Anarchists, and Radicals or American Cowards?

American Communists, Leftists. Anarchists, and Radicals or American Cowards? by Ogitchidag











I have dedicated myself to the indigenous people of this hemisphere and our stuggle to livee on our land as we were meant to and to build alliances with like minded allies around the world who are of the same heart and mind. I believe in what  Europens call communism as an answer to the world’s inequality. Although Karl Marx first conceived of European communism, I believe that indigenous nations around the world were living in what Marx called “commumism” for countless millenia. Anishinaabe called this way of life anishinaabe-bimaadizi or the Indian way. Pueblo Indians live in Pueblos or collective commmunities together.

Within those communities and many African, Asian, Western Hemisphere and Europen tribal nations of the people around the world live a certain way. {eople share the land, the food, the water, and everything else. They don’t see house as their houses. They don’t see food as belonging to one person. They don’t see water or air as belonging to anyone but belonging to everyone. Marx was clearly not the first person to conceive of communism but the person who wrote down the words describing it. I might add that he borrowed many of his ideas from indigenous people.

In the America’s today we see many people claiming to be communists, anarchists, socialists, and radicals. Are they? Do they take every opportunity to live alongside others working and fighting for a common purpose? Or do they say they are against capitalism while incesting nothing in a communal future and attempting to amass capital, property, riches, and seeking separation of themselves from others. Do they really put their all into a community and common outcomes or do they come around once in a while and proclaim “I am a communist”.  Are they just waiting to see if they will have a seat at the masters table or do they bring something to the communal table for all to share? Do they become part of a highly trained cadre of people dedicated to revoilution or do they just walk to the corner to get groceries every few days?

I would assert that most of the people calling themselves communists, anarchists, leftists, and radicals contribute to our own oppression every day (including myself) by not taking ever opportunity in our lives to consolidate power, live collectively, and resist oppression. I would assert many say they believe in the workers taking control of the means of production but they rarely really take concrete steps to do that.

When offered a chance to get out of their European styled way of life, they usually turn down the opportunity and say “I’d rather stay in my little cage” out of fear of losing the little they think they have. Which is usually a couch, a dresser, a bad, a table, a few books, and some chairs. They live either from low wage slavery or small subsistence allotments from the government. They are scared like the same people they claim to be apart from. They are cowards.

It is sad. Living in groups is our survival  plain and simple. It is cheaper and more effective to live in groups. In most indigenous cultures the worst punishment one could endure was banishment or separation from the community. Yet in much of the world people seek out solitude rather than comradery. Why is that? How do we feel we will do better if we just live in the patterns defined for us by our oppressors instead of banding together?

The Europen and other imperialist forces around the world have spent trillions of dollars trying to destroy indigenous ways of life. Why? They can’t make any money off of people who band together or they will make less money. Even though our actual capital needed to particpate in their society is less when we live and band together we run to the dark corners and think we can hide from reality. We can’t

We must band together if we have any chance of dismantling the capitalist world. Don’t take my word for it look at history. Indigenous people only won battles against their common oppressors when they stood together.

In Africa, in the what is now called the Americas, in Siberia, in Mongolia in all the indigenous world the first thing  imperialists did was claim the land as their own ignoring the cultures already there. The justification they used for this was by proclaiming land not being used for mass production as being wasted. They problaimed since indgenous people stated “the land belonged to everybody” that it belonged to nobody because indigenous people (including the Gaelic Irish) were not hiuman therefore they were justified in taking everything they wanted.

The reason I am writing this is to call on us all to find our courage and the intellect to stand together, ltve together, band together, pool our resources both intellectual and material, reduce our solitary footprint by living the anishinaabe-bimaadizi or “Indian way” or Bantu Way or Maoori way., You see my point? Live like human beings again. Refuse to live like a refugee.

Don’t be cowards be willing to sacrifice your acquired European comfort for a future with the people.  Start thinking that way. Start living that way. Or give up and afmit it, you are a lacky of the impeialist and capitalist system. Don’t be that person.

You can’t claim to believe in dialectical materialism if you are plagued by lingring faith in meaninlgless institutions like church, and the bootstrap concelt of America. If you believe that you are someohow a success because you have self responsibilty in the “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” America and have the cognizant dissonance to ignore the fact that you are reliant on government programs and assistance to survive, you are living in an illusion.



















Native American? White Term, White Origin, White People in America, White Terrorists, Indians are not Native Americans!

Cesar Sayoc

Cesar Sayoc ran a business called “Native American Cleaning”. He is not an indigenous person. He is of Italian and Filipino descent.  A metal health professional has said that he has’an identity problem” . As we have seen before this is another non Indian person loosely affiliating himself with Indian images and bumper stickers.More and more we see proud colonists of this illegal land calling themselves “Native American. Lets look at the term Native American at its meaning and origins. Native means belonging to a particular place by birth. In this place Mr Sayoc is a native of the United States of America or America. The Americas were named the Americas after Amerigo Vesspucci and Italian explorer who first landed on the continenet of what was named by Europeans “America”

Of course there are Indian people who are crazy, also. Of course there are Republican American Indians. Let me make this clear. Regardless of any loose association Cesar Sayoc is a disturbed imdividual full of right wing hatred regardless of what race he is or isn’t. In this case we have a disturbed Italian/Filipino who is disturbed and full of hate. His boss said he openly praised Hitler.

What is America? An illegally stolen land that was stolen from the indigenous people of the land Europens and speakers of English call America. It’s native people are often proud of their colonial heritage.
The origin of the term “Native American was coined in the 20th century during the indigenous political up rising within what is called America of the 1960s and 70s by the US government. What a coincdence. So everyone born in America who claims America, is techincally a native American.

I wrote this because of the realization that white reactionaries and some of our allies even have now completely coopted the US government designation of “Native American”.

When Donald Trump, Cesar Sayoc or any number of right wing white nationalists use the term they mean this “I was born in the United States of America. It now means nothing for Indians from the land now named after Amerigo Vespucci by Euro-Americans. I had an African AMerican woman from an allied organization even say to me “Tom, we are all Native Americans born here and from here”.

I am here to tell you I am an Indian, I am not Native American. So you nationalist Native Americans can have it. We are not Native Americans! I am Annishinabe!
Native Americans are white, black, latino, and anyone who is a proud colonizer. Cesar Sayoc is a sorry excuse for a human being.

America The virus



Everyone who lives within the United States has it to some extent. What is the virus of America? Rugged individualism. I see it in almost every preson I meet including myself. A story a partner of mine had suggested I convert to LED lightbulbs to save money, energy, and take a step to save the earth a few years ago. For some reason the day a couple of months ago I converted to LED lights, I had it in my head that it was my idea. Then my partner reminded me that she had suggested I switch to LED lightbulbs years ago and she was right. It wasnt’ until  I had heard over and over again that I began feeling like I was stupid for not having converted to LED lightbulbs. So one morning I woke up and went out to buy LED lightbulbs as if it were my idea. The first rule of a good salesperson in America ia to make the prospect think it is their idea.

Not only was it not my idea because someone else suggested it but it was also not my idea because Nick Holonyack, the person who invented the first LED light in 1962 made the first light. So it also is not a new technology it was just new to me. Before that in 1907  Henry Joseph round a British researcher and assitant to Guglielmo Marconi, discovered the phenomena that made LED bulbs possible. Americans are not quick to catch on or invent something and after they try something new they act like it is their idea.

Now this mind set that leads people to think “they shouldn’t be taught anything”. Like if we don’t already know something we don’t want to know. This is very dangerous especially for the progrssive movements who also have those among us who refuse to learn how to defend themselves, feed themselves, hunt, learn to appropriate resouces from the wealthy, produce energy etc…. I don’t know how many times I have offered to share some knowledge on self defense with someone to have them smugly turn me down. Pointing to that other American sickness, we always want to teach someone something.

Here is how this is dangerous. If you walk around thinking I can defend myself and you can’t you risk everyone around you. If you walk around thinking you don’t need to learn anything about any of the subjects I listed before you are basically telling the world you are happy to be stupid. Most Americans including my self would rather watch a  how to video on you tube than read an article or a book god forbid take a class to learn something.


Americans, of all stripes and genders don’t want to be shown anything by the other. But we all need more knowledge and someone has to be the first on your block to learn how to fight, garden, install solar panels, etc etc etc. When we should all be sponges or blank canvass to fill with information we walk around acting like we are already full.


Furthermore we don’t want to admit we ever need anything from someone else unless we are sure no one we know is going to see that we were incomplete in some way. For that reason a lot of applied knowledge is just going to die with some people and that is sad.

I am writing this to encourage you to be hungry to learn from others. Make yourself a blank canvass for applied information. When you are with someone willing to show you something you have not learned? See it s a blessing not a curse.

Ahhh the Rugged American pulling themselves up by stolen bootstraps with “can do at all costs” spirit, they are funny. Like Trump at a G7 Summit, you can’t share a damn thing with that man that he won’t pretend to already know. Do you want to be like that? Be the new American that say’s ” I’m lost, we need help” and take that help where you can get it. Even if you have to steal the knowledge? Get it.
We’re gonna  need every somebody to get ourselves out of all the messes and battles we are in.


America- The Bright and Shining Lie.

Well America has taken the mask off and showed the world it’s true face. Get ready for internment camps. Get ready for the wall. German and French elections are coming up next year and nationalist parties are running. White people have responded to the Obama presidency. Wall Street did not collapse and Donald Trump won the nuclear codes. Where will the world turn for resistance to imperialism and racism? What will happen to indigenous sovereignty?  Will there be indigenous sovereignty. Will there be a wall built by Mexico? Will Rudy be the head of homeland security? What will we do? I remember Jon Trudell once told me when the next civil war happens between white people I will go up on a hill and watch from afar. Hope there is a hill to go up on, John. Our ancestors will hopefully guide us to the next safe place. Do we deserve a safe space? Americans don’t realize rich people hate poor people and love money. They are now paying one half of the working class to pray for the end of the  world while they pay the rest to try to save it. I wish I had more wisdom to share but I am just thoughtful and praying for a glimmer of sanity in the world.  Yes the now the world will see America’s dark and sinister side revealed I am afraid.

Will our people have a future in our own land. Will our nations survive?






Standing Rock and the World Series of Racism

How ironic the corporate powers that be attacked the Standing Rock Water Protectors during the world series with the racist Cleveland  franchise. We are calling on all people who can afford to go and are able to travel to the Standing Rock Protest against the North Dakota Access Pipeline to go immediately there to lend support and stand up against the destruction of the sacred water and against the oppressive military force being used there. Please if you can go, do so. They are using pepper spray, bean bags, automatic weapons and have called in police forces from as far away as Indiana.

So if Clyde Bellecourt is still able to go by all means join him and other AIMsters in supporting the Standing Rock Nation and Treaty Rights. This  is a pivotal struggle between the forces of corporate greed and the people. Please support this struggle how ever you can. Call or email all civil rights organizations, environmental organizations, and all native people you know. This is important. At this point Facebook has blocked me from sharing links and posts in the American Indian Movement Facebook page. Coincidence? I do not thinks so. So please listen to your heart and the needs of your family and help out if you can. In the memory of all the ancestors who have fallen please let your voice be heard. Have a rally where you are if you cannot travel to North Dakota. Stop The North Dakota Access pipeline! The government must listen if the corporations won’t. They are showing there is nothing they won’t do for many many years. We have to be strategic now. Call the White House 202-456-1112 and demand Obama stop this violation of civil rights and flagrant abuse of treaty rights. Treaties are in the constitution. They are a trust that has been repeatedly been broken. Let this be the last time.

American Indian Movement Statement Opposing the Canonization of Junipero Sera






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Minneapolis MN 55414
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April 5th 2015

AIM Opposes Canonization for Junipero Serra the Father of California’s Mission System


Missions of various religions have long been used by European colonizers of Turtle Island as the tip of the spear of conquest and Christianity. From California to New England religions have been used to enslave, deceive, rape, and murder the indigenous people of this land. Nowhere was this more evident than in the California Mission system that was set up with the primary objective of pacifying and subjugating the indigenous population. To this extent, the “North American Martyrs” as the Catholic Church called them, Junipero Serra has been compared to René Goupil the French Jesuit and his 7 companions who attempted to Christianize the Iroquois and the Huron.

The Mission system set up by Serra was both a Catholic Mission  and a military garrison, by the Catholic Church’s own admission. To be clear, Serra’s goals in life were to spread Catholicism to the Native population and enslave them to work the land on the behalf of the Spanish Crown. According to California History, “Men were taken away from their families and hopelessly forced to work for the Franciscans while their wives were raped and abused, and their children were imprisoned.” Measles and other outbreaks attributed to European contact ravaged the indigenous population who lived in and around the Missions. Junipero Serra did the indigenous people no favors. The Mission system was the structure that made the genocide possible.

The American Indian Movement calls for Pope Francis to abandon his efforts to canonize this man who ushered in the demise of indigenous people of California. The American Indian Movement stands alongside AIM Southern California, and all the tribes and nations, and indigenous organizations who have called for the Pope to abandon his plan to grant Sainthood to this man who enslaved, starved, and facilitated the rape and murder so many indigenous people.

If we are to reconcile our differences there has to be admission of the abuse of colonial history. To grant Junipero Serra sainthood would be to not only condone those atrocities listed, but to glorify them and enshrine genocide.

We write this in honor of the tribes of California: The Achumawi tribe,The Atsugewi tribe,The Cahuilla tribe,The Chemehuevi tribe, The Chilula tribe, The Chimariko tribe, The Chumash tribe, The Cocopah tribe, The Ohlone (Costanoan), The Cupeno ,The Diegueno (Kumeyaay), The Esselen ,The Gabrielino (Tongva), The Halchidhoma, The Hupa, The Juaneno, The Karok, The Kashaya, The Kato, The Kawaiisu, The Kitanemuk , The Klamath, The Konkow, The Lassik, The Luiseno, The Maidu, The Mattole, The Miwok, The Modoc, The Mojave, The Mono,  The Nisenan, The Nomlaki, The Nongatl, The Northern Paiute, The Panamint, The Patwin, The Pomo, The Quechan, The Salinan, The Serrano, The Shasta, The Shoshoni, The Sinkyone, The Southern Paiute, The Tataviam, The Tolowa, The Tubatulabal, The Wailaki, The Wappo, The Washoe, The Whilkut, The Wintu, The Wiyot, The Yana and Yahi, The Yokuts, The Yuki, The Yurok and the 300 dialects and cultures of the indigenous nations and people of California throughout history.

The American Indian Movement was founded in 1968, it’s national office is in Minneapolis MN. We stand for the rights of all of the indigenous people in the Western Hemisphere and organize locally around indigenous communities everywhere