Holy?, Wholly?, Holey?


Lord? I have none, God? I have no one ruler, there is only the river of life and the many spirits that and Almighty? Yes and no?
The river of life if one understands and has a true relation with it is the almighty force of energy that we can draw from. There are traditions not based on dogma and are historically respectful of the earth and all human beings. I hold them up.

Alas, a world polluted with the deeds of those feigning relation, crusading for a “Lord” they have no true relation with? The stories of their “Holy” trinity. their “Wholly” genocidal justifications for murdering millions in the name of their imaginary old man in the sky directing traffic from the sky.
Their assumptions, assertions and actions “Holey” as they clumsily stumbled through the forest and lands of the sacred earth. Showing no understanding or respect for any life or force walking, crawling, or flying.

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