Old White Spoiled Brats Vote to Create Racist Apartheid State in the United States

In KY a group of shadow millionaires called “New Direction” KY pulled together a bunch of cash to take over the state of KY. The Humana Billionaire David Jones Sr spearheaded this effort to take away workers rights. I hope he is happy. KY will stay barefoot pregnant and poor. Are you happy? How much money is enough for you people? M r Jones failed to take over the Kentucky legislature. HE will not give up until he dies first.

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This situation played out across the country.
What’s at stake? More “right to work states”. More regressive laws against the poor. More cuts in food stamps. More attacks on immigrants, more racism, more hatred more cuts in education. Attacks on organized labor. Attacks on indigenous people. Attacks, attacks, attacks. More tea party nonsense. What are white people planning in this country? I am going to tell you.

You see white people, especially white, male, and elderly are scared to death about the coming of a majority of color in the United States. So they have decided to put an Apartheid government in place before the shift in power gets out of their control. What does that mean?
Remember Mandela? Remember South Africa? See in South Africa a 10% white minority put a government in place from conceived of in the 1930s, then from 1948-1994 the white government ruled with an Iron fist over a 90% black population. Are we going to allow white people to do that here? I am not. I will die first.

What will this mean? White gentrified areas walled off with razor wire, security dogs, and white security officers with guns will lord over an impoverished and imprisoned African American, Latino, and Indigenous population that outnumbers them. How are they going to do it?

Look at this last election Nov 4th 2014, look at redistricting that makes it possible for the majority to vote for a party in national elections and yet the Republicans win. Look at Citizen’s United that allows all corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money on campaigns. Look at the militarization of the police forces. They are getting ready for war. Progressives especially white progressives are just planning to do nothing for people of color. The standard bearers who are supposedly the Democrats? Well they are running ads against people of color, they are running in support of industries that are spending billions against them, they are running anti-immigrant ads even though Latinos supported them and Obama through two elections. Are Democrats for the people who they claim to represent? Of course not.

Can you imagine what this means? For people of color? It means that white people are going to rule as a minority over the rest of us. They will do it with guns, germs, and steel and with the system of governance they are setting up for the future. Democrats and Obama have gone along with the building of a security state apparatus that will be unrivaled by no other force in the world.

As I watch the returns many people seem shocked at voter apathy among the electorate? Latinos watched the president break a promise to move on immigration reform and postpone it till after the election. Who is to blame for that? We watched Democrats like Alison Grimes run an ad vilifying Latinos. We watch candidates demonize African American, Latino, and indigenous people in an effort to cling to power by proving they were just as Republican as the Republicans?

So as we watch a man who clearly was guilty of medicare fraud like Rick Scott get reelected in Florida. We watch as the Republicans set up a machine to control the country with a minority of the population. We now will watch President Obama set up activists opposed to the Keystone Pipeline to be forced into a monumental fight to stop the Republican Senate from ramming it down our throats. We are going to have to fight for what we believe in against these capitalists. They are both Democrats and Republicans and they are in lock step in support of capitalism and a racist white minority control of the country.

I believe President Obama has been the subject of many racist attacks and that is wrong and that should be fought against. At the same time we watched President Obama refuse to do anything for African Americans stating that he was “the American President and not the African American President”. Well the problem with this is all of the wonderful things he has done for corporations while president while doing nothing to help African Americans.

So I guess at the end of the day I just think that we need a game changer. Citizen’s United has crumpled up Democracy and thrown it in the trash. Not that we ever had any democracy. Not since the beginning of America has there ever been democracy for anyone but white people. We need to remember white people were a minority when they got here and they will do anything to maintain their control once they become a minority again. The question is what are you going to do to build a tactical superiority that white people cannot ignore. It seems that elections will not be a path to justice. I think power will have to be taken from them just as they took it from Indigenous people 500 and some odd years ago. Who will take it from them?

At this time I will remind and refer my readers to read my other piece, “The Case for an Indigenous Revolution”. We are the majority in this hemisphere we should refuse to be treated this way we must create a real change in the way they treat us.


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