America- The Bright and Shining Lie.

Well America has taken the mask off and showed the world it’s true face. Get ready for internment camps. Get ready for the wall. German and French elections are coming up next year and nationalist parties are running. White people have responded to the Obama presidency. Wall Street did not collapse and Donald Trump won the nuclear codes. Where will the world turn for resistance to imperialism and racism? What will happen to indigenous sovereignty?  Will there be indigenous sovereignty. Will there be a wall built by Mexico? Will Rudy be the head of homeland security? What will we do? I remember Jon Trudell once told me when the next civil war happens between white people I will go up on a hill and watch from afar. Hope there is a hill to go up on, John. Our ancestors will hopefully guide us to the next safe place. Do we deserve a safe space? Americans don’t realize rich people hate poor people and love money. They are now paying one half of the working class to pray for the end of the  world while they pay the rest to try to save it. I wish I had more wisdom to share but I am just thoughtful and praying for a glimmer of sanity in the world.  Yes the now the world will see America’s dark and sinister side revealed I am afraid.

Will our people have a future in our own land. Will our nations survive?