The Landing of the ship Gran Ma and the river of power flowing from Sierra Maestra (Why the United States has failed to starve Cuba’s Revolution)

By Thomas Pearce

Why did the Cuban Revolution happen? Was it because Fidel Castro was a communist? No. Was it because he was a blood thirsty murderer? No the reason is quite clear and historically recorded by the New York Times, Life Magazine, the Washington Post and most American media of the day, that is before the Cuban people turned to the Soviet Union for support.

Castro is 85 years old and has survived an ongoing onslaught of hatred and aggression from 11 US presidents. I am counting Obama because he has done nothing to lift the blockade.

The US government would have you believe that the reason there is a blockade and the reason the CIA has tried to kill Fidel at least 10 times is because he is a communist and allowed the Soviet Union to place Nuclear missiles in Cuba (which have been removed), and because he is a dictator. So let us get the record straight and recognize that the US is doing the same hatchet job on the fledgling indigenous socialist movements of Latin America in Bolivia, Venezuela, Uruguay, Ecuador, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Brazil, and Argentina. Focusing in on ELECTED leaders of countries where no violent revolution has taken place the corporate masters have decided to make Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales the new Fidel and the new Che. SO before we head down this road? I urge you to watch two documentaries, the first is the film Fidel, and the second Oliver Stone’s new documentary about the Bolivarian movement “South of the Border” that looks at the movement Hugo Chavez and others have built that has now led Brazil to be completely free of the IMF and have a budget surplus. Why is this happening?

I won’t go all the way back but a certain Fulgencio Batista who would go on to become the fascist US backed dictator of Cuba started his 7 year rise to power when he participated and led a bloody coup in 1933 after several presidents came and left he assumed the reigns of power in 1940. From then on Cuba was an American puppet regime. Batista allowed the United Fruit Company of America, Texaco, The Cuban Electric Company, the Cuban Telephone company, and most of Cuba’s land and resources to be stolen.

He turned most of Cuba over to the American and Italian mafia to made into a brothel and casino where all the cash left in suitcases to the USA.  How dare they want to stop all that fun!

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