The Case For An Indigenous Revolution in the Western Hemisphere!

Are you Indian? Of Indian heritage? Mestizo? I have good news. INDIANS ARE THE MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE IN THIS HEMISPHERE. They have spent years telling us that they had wiped us out. In North America they were almost successful. In this hemisphere they have failed.

Consider this 589,018,078, that is how many people are in Latin America. The overwhelming majority of them of either Amer-Indian or Indigenous heritage. Nations like Peru, Guatemala, and others populations identify predominantly as INDIAN. That means the majority of this hemisphere is Indian. Now let’s look at the rest of the hemisphere.

317,619,000 That is how many people are in the United States. 50.5 million of that or roughly 12.5% are people of Amer-Indian heritage from Latin America, another 5 million are of North American Indian descent.

34.8 Million the population of Canada. 4 percent of Canada are North American Indians.

If you have the brains I know you do, you can figure out where I am going with this. Indigenous people are the majority of this hemisphere. It is time to claim our birthright.

Take a look at the picture I have posted in this article

12,000 people mostly Mayan Indians march for immigrant rights in Lake Worth FL,

12,000 people mostly Mayan Indians march for immigrant rights in Lake Worth FL,

When I first had the realization that indigenous people were the majority I was at this rally I was the chief organizer for in Lake Worth Florida population 35,000. 12,000 people almost half the population of this small town in Palm Beach County Florida had turned out for this rally. I was shocked and pleased. Those who were not Mayan Indians from Guatemala were Mexican, Honduran, Nicaraguan, and Haitian (also an oppressed nationality).

What was more fascinating was the sign you see in the middle of the crowd that states “La Nacion Organization of Maya People’s in Exile”. This organization that has it’s own radio station was founded by Mayans who had fled Guatemala’s dirty civil war that the US had started during the cold war. The largest ethnic group in Lake Worth Florida and one of the largest in South Florida.

Where did I first meet these folks? In 2004 AIM held a small conference in Lake Worth to seek out interested folks in the region to begin organizing. This was with the blessing of the late Vernon Bellecourt who had wondered if Latin American Indigenous folks would show up. They and we were talking about strategies to unite indigenous people across borders.To organize North American Indians together with Latin American Indians. We worked together and had amazing results.   Since then I have found organizations like Sons of Aztlan, Mexica Movement, and others who are spreading the same perspective. The perspective that says “We are the majority and we are home!

I was an organizer for the late ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now at the time. Being a good organizer I saw the opportunity and never looked back. These were the directly affected folks in this community. Long story short. This organizing effort generated three large marches. One in Lake Worth where 12,000 people marched and won an immigrant resource center and a sanctuary city ordinance. 5,000 marched in Belle Glade Florida that shut down the sugar industry for 24 hours. Then my favorite, we organized 1500 people who marched through the wealthiest area of Palm Beach. We marched past the Palm Beach Yacht Club. Needless to say when it was all over we had won 4 day labor centers. Pretty impressive organizing these folks pulled off.

Now let’s turn our gaze toward the Indigenous and Amer-Indian leaders are taking Latin America by storm at this time. Evo Morales in Bolivia an indigenous leader of the Aymara people. The late Hugo Chavez Amer-Indian (Proudly so) leader who nationalized oil fields in Venezuela. Across Latin America leaders representing the oppressed have kicked the United States Drug War out of their countries. Told the IMF to go to hell. And sent those privatizing water a strong message. “We are going to control our own destiny.” What if we united?

In Canada anti-imperialist Co-Chair of the American Indian Movement and the newly elected Chief of the Southern Chiefs Organization Terrance Nelson has stated that we need to “stand between the white man and his money”. That is what we need to do across the hemisphere. The election of Chief Nelson sends a message to Canada and the world that Indians are sophisticated and are ready to bring about a huge change to the way we organize. We need to stop thinking that we need funding from their governments. They don’t have anything! Everything they have they stole! Chief Nelson recently stated in an interview that “we have got to stop begging for funding from people who don’t have anything, they stole it all, it is ours”.

The simple point of this blog post is that there is a huge potential that is being ignored to have a revolution in this hemisphere. A revolution of the oppressed against the oppressor. We must take advantage of these facts to make history. What if the MAS movement (Movement Toward Socialism) and the Bolivarian movement were to spread throughout the hemisphere? It is all a matter of organizing. Grassroots organizing to build a movement that unites all the indigenous people of this hemisphere and their supporters. What if we joined Chief Nelson in a grand campaign to win back  the Americas. I can be done. It will be done. The only question is “how long will it take?”I am not proposing kicking all Europeans out of the hemisphere. I am proposing that we end the Apartheid system of governance over this hemisphere. We can do it together if we only try. We must stop thinking about things from a tribal perspective alone and begin to start thinking also as a nation that is waking up to claim it’s birthright and reparations. From Canada to the Argentina people are joining the movement. The movement to take it back. Take back the hemisphere. It can be done!

Grand Chief Nelson Addressing a meeting of the American Indian Movement at Pine Ridge South Dakota during the 40th Anniversary of Wounded Knee

Grand Chief Nelson Addressing a meeting of the American Indian Movement at Pine Ridge South Dakota during the 40th Anniversary of Wounded Knee