Happy Fourth of YOULIE By Thomas Pearce YEAH I SAID IT!! If it fell tomorrow it would be 235 years too late!

“Picture us goin out on the fourth of July and if you heard we were celebratin that’s a world wide lie” Chuck D


As we sail into the 235th year of the occupation of this hemisphere and the world wide domination of the US military industrial complex that lords over the 3rd world as slaves. the inhabitants of this continent and those brought here against their will mourn the hundreds of millions who died in resistance to this government and who died on slave ships being brought here against their will.

I would ask this question. Why should any of us celebrate? Unless your name is Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, or you are a relative of George Washington. Celebrate what? Really. Poverty, rape , genocide, and theft? The 2 million people in prison? The monuments all over this country to the murderers who took the land?

This world will never be safe while this corporate state stands to occupy every oil field, knock down every mountain, kill every form of resistance. You will never let anyone sleep a night of peace that has truly stood against you. 

So in the name of every woman, child , and man in South Dakota, New Mexico, and Colombia that has been murdered and raped. In the name of every Palestinian pushed off their land and made refugee by way of your gun ships. In the name of Harriet Tubman, Geronimo, Techumseh, Sandino, Davis, Newton, Nat Turner and every freedom fighter everywhere?

I say if it fell tomorrow it would be 235 years late. This system of government is the best money can buy. Always has been. So have your hot dog, and shove your rocket and red glare where the sun don’t shine. Take your religious repression of everything not Judeo-Christian back to England. Capitalism is as Malcom X once said a “rotting fish”.

To every indigenous person South of the imaginary border? I wish you the creator’s blessing as you repopulate this land. Welcome home. To every person living under occupation I wish you learn the will of Gitche Monitou and resist and resist and resist.

Happy Fourth of YouLIE!!