Standing Rock and the World Series of Racism

How ironic the corporate powers that be attacked the Standing Rock Water Protectors during the world series with the racist Cleveland  franchise. We are calling on all people who can afford to go and are able to travel to the Standing Rock Protest against the North Dakota Access Pipeline to go immediately there to lend support and stand up against the destruction of the sacred water and against the oppressive military force being used there. Please if you can go, do so. They are using pepper spray, bean bags, automatic weapons and have called in police forces from as far away as Indiana.

So if Clyde Bellecourt is still able to go by all means join him and other AIMsters in supporting the Standing Rock Nation and Treaty Rights. This  is a pivotal struggle between the forces of corporate greed and the people. Please support this struggle how ever you can. Call or email all civil rights organizations, environmental organizations, and all native people you know. This is important. At this point Facebook has blocked me from sharing links and posts in the American Indian Movement Facebook page. Coincidence? I do not thinks so. So please listen to your heart and the needs of your family and help out if you can. In the memory of all the ancestors who have fallen please let your voice be heard. Have a rally where you are if you cannot travel to North Dakota. Stop The North Dakota Access pipeline! The government must listen if the corporations won’t. They are showing there is nothing they won’t do for many many years. We have to be strategic now. Call the White House 202-456-1112 and demand Obama stop this violation of civil rights and flagrant abuse of treaty rights. Treaties are in the constitution. They are a trust that has been repeatedly been broken. Let this be the last time.


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