Ted Nugent: Great White Asshole

Ted Nugent, Rebel Flag, M-16, and an American Indian Headdress. Kind of says it all.

Ted Nugent, Rebel Flag, M-16, and an American Indian Headdress. Kind of says it all.

I watched a Glenn Beck interview with Ted Nugent today where he said, ” I can’t understand why people say I am racist against American Indians I live my life more native than the Indians themselves”

Really? Really? You wear a Chief’s headdress on stage with a rebel flag, an M-16, and you don’t see why anyone calls you a racist?

First, Rebel Flag. RACIST

Second, Wearing a Faux American Indian Chiefs Headdress? RACIST.

Third, Wearing the Rebel Flag and the Chief’s Headdress together? RACIST AS HELL.

Fourth, Angry white man who hates poor people stomping around with a M-16. a rebel flag, and a faux chief”s Headdress?RACIST AS IT CAN BE.

It is amazing Ted, that you cannot see this on your own. I have a personal story about Ted Nugent being a racist. Here it is:

I have known Ted Nugent was an asshole since 1992 at the Republican Convention in Houston. Nugent showed up at the “Free Speech” zone with a camera man in tow and was working for MTV “Rock the Vote. I will never forget it . I was on MTV for a week being interviewed by Ted Nugent. The back story was never told. Here it is.

As Nugent was swaggering around the convention site, the KKK came around the area in a school bus painted camouflage green and with a big sign on the side that read. “Ku Klux Klan, Thank God for Aids”. I will remember it as if it were yesterday, I saw Ted recognize the KKK bus and then said to his camera man, “I love that sign on that bus man”. I was immediately pissed and looking to confront him.

So ask your self this. How could I have made this story up?

I cannot find the video clip where Nugent interviewed me but ask yourself this, you see the video above and see that there was a bus owned by the KKK with the sign. You can see the video of Nugent at the GOP convention below it. So how did I know all that? Because I was there and the story I am telling you is true.

I was there, representing the American Indian Movement . Here is my recollection of my interaction with Ted:

Ted walked up to me and said “hey there fellow what are you doing at the GOP convention, I would like to interview you.” I responded “I am protesting the policies of President Bush, his illegal wars against indigenous people in Latin America, I am protesting the Broken Treaties here at home, and the rampant poverty that exists on most reservations.

Ted Responded, “so your an unemployed alcoholic”.

I responded “no”.

Ted: “well you’ve got the time to travel all the way to Texas to protest so you must not have a job and you must be lazy.

I responded, “Hey Ted your a real bad ass when you are shooting at Bambi fenced in on a farm, why don’t you try me mother fucker?”

Ted (giggling): “I can tell I pissed you off, lets roll the camera”

Ted then told the cameraman to start taping.

Ted asked me again why I was there. I responded ” I am here representing the American Indian Movement. I am here to protest the illegal wars of George Bush against indigenous people in Latin America, the broken treaties the US has never honored with our people, and the rampant poverty that is facing many American Indian families across the US. ”

Ted looked disappointed that I had not taken his bait to argue with him on camera. He then  told the cameraman, “Let’s move on”.
I followed him and asked him. “Ted would you like to step off of the property and go a couple of rounds with someone who fights back?” Nugent laughed nervously and ignored me. I started yelling “Hey Ted you fucking racist, do you want to fight?” Ted ignored me.

I then saw myself on MTV. I was composed and polite and felt I represented myself well. Looking back I wish I had beat the dogshit out of Ted.

So listening to my story, do you think Nugent is racist? I know he is, I saw it first hand.

While writing this I am listening to Nugent tell Glen Beck, “I am not a racist, I love the American Indian”.

Ted we just can’t feel the love.

The American Indian Movement of Indiana and Kentucky will be holding a protest August 9th at the Indian Creek Amphitheater Reilly, Ohio. Protest will start at 3:00 pm Join us.

Here is one of my pictures from a protest at the convention:

Thousand Points of Light Protest at the 1992 Houston GOP Convention.



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  1. Glenn Beck was an asshole this week.

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