Cliven Bundy and Other People I Hate

Black Marine Defends Bundy

Black Marine Defends Bundy

I came under attack by the militia movement when I bothered to point out the Dann Sisters had had their treaty rights violated when their horses were confiscated back in 2003 and sold at auction. I also pointed out the fact that on top of refusing to pay his grazing fees Cliven Bundy was grazing his cattle on disputed tribal land. Cliven Bundy was an entitled millionaire juicing the system by getting large men with guns to rally around his ranch.

Since then a lot has happened. Cliven Bundy stated that “the negro was better off under slavery” among them. A BLM wrangler was threatened on a Utah highway by masked militiamen wearing masks and tape over their licence tags. Militiamen at the Bundy ranch started threatening to kill each other. And on and on. The right wing talk show hosts abandoned Bundy after his racist comments. Wingnuts continued to gather at the ranch trying to lay claim to Bundy fame.

In the end, I feel vindicated. I actually had some people claiming to be American Indian jump on my blog and try to defend Bundy by saying “who cares what color he is we have to stand up against the government”. It was never about his color with me and more about the color of his mind. He was a straight up racist. Then they found a black guy that had worked at the Bundy ranch to get on camera and say “my boss isn’t racist”. Then a black Republican Marine showed up to try and save Bundy. Amazing. It is amazing someone could be so stupid and self hating.

I wonder how many militiamen will try to come to my site and convince me “we should all work together” now? So it got me thinking about the plethora of people who I come into contact with regularly who I do  not wish to give a damn minute of my day to so I thought I would mention them here.

I no longer have time for Tea Party, Republican, or pro militia African Americans, Indigenous people, or anarchists who have been brain washed into thinking that they share the plight of a Mormon Cowboy Millionaire. These people are diametrically opposed to our way of life. They have nothing in common with us. It isn’t that I love the government or the BLM but running to support racists because they oppose the government is like supporting a pedophile because he gave his victim food while torturing him. Personally I believe there is no room in the indigenous diaspora for “patriotic Indians” who will suck up to any white man who gives them the time of day.

I will no longer give the time of day to Indians from the United States or African Americans who hate indigenous people from South of the Border. I have actually been attacked for posting articles of support for indigenous people in Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, and the rest of Latin America. Folks we are all in this together. Our common enemy is United States imperialism. If you disagree then you are out of step with the movement. I recently attended a Cinco De Mayo celebration in South Bend Indiana, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Pokagon Potawatomi had sponsored the celebration and were there to share in the day of celebration. 99.9 percent of the people in attendance there were people with indigenous blood. I will not tolerate people who ay things like “He is’t Indian he is just a Mexican.”

I have no more time for People who hate Arab or Middle Eastern people out of some patriotic impulse. We are not the same you and I. I see the connections between the occupation of our land and the occupation of the Middle East the US is engaged in. If you don’t? Leave me alone!

I have no time for anyone who hates Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, or Transgender people. Who has time for that? Many of our people had a place in our cultures for all of these people. Who are you to become some Christian puritan and expect to be taken seriously. We need all of our people to win not some of them. Many of our people are LGBT and as a result of Christian influence on our cultures some have adopted the white mans way of dealing with these important issues. Many of us are shamed into choosing culture over sexual identity in an effort to feel accepted by our own people. Our people should not force people into these choices. We should stand up against Christian hegemony and Us imperialism. Homophobia is a white thing that has rubbed off.

Conversely I will not tolerate someone who tries to tell me that the LGBTQ struggle is the same as the indigenous or African American struggle. It is not. There is a little matter of genocide and slavery that cannot be denied or avoided. It drives me crazy when I hear someone say “The Gay Rights Struggle is the new civil rights struggle.” It is not. It is a struggle against oppression. It also pales in comparison to having your continent stolen and all your people murdered. Just check that shit.

I am tired of the oppression Olympics that go on in the various movements in this country. I will no longer tolerate anyone who is sympathetic to the militias, I will no longer support or tolerate people who want to divide the movement. We are losing the battle because we are not standing together as one. Think outside the box. There are roughly 38 million Latinos with indigenous blood in the US. Can you afford to stand alone? For how long? We can win if we are united. I have no time for those who are not clear on the objective of liberation.




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