Militiamen and So Called Patriots Do not Support the Cause of Indigenous Sovereignty

Obama announcing that Riverton Wyoming is now under Indian jurisdiction.

Obama announcing that Riverton Wyoming is now under Indian jurisdiction.

Many white people say they support the treaty rights of indigenous people. Those people are invaluable allies. Many say they do but do nothing to show it. Let’s explore this a bit.

Earlier this year President Obama in a rare show of support by a sitting US president announced that the town of Riverton Wyoming and around one million acres of land in the surrounding area were part of the Wind River Reservation and that they must be returned. The state of Wyoming, Republicans, and militiamen all over the country spread  the story. “Riverton Wyoming told they are not part of the United States.  Well Riverton Wyoming is not part of the United States. The Wind River Casino is in Riverton. The town has no problem with all those casino revenues. Interesting.

Now in the wake of the Cliven Bundy situation, I have written and article on this blog that challenges the two sided justice Indian people are receiving in Nevada. Drawing attention to the fact that the Bureau of Land Management had released the Bundy cattle while in 2003 Carrie and Mary Dann had 504 cattle confiscated and sold at auction because they were grazing on tribal land. Now I am being attacked on all sides by militia nuts who say 1) I am a racist 2) I hate Mormons 3) Let’s all stand together against the evil government.

So I wanted to write this piece to call out to all of these socalled new found friends to say a couple of things. First I want to know, do you support the Northern Arapaho and Eastern Shoshone in the return of Riverton Wyoming and the 1 million acres to the tribe? You see Republicans and militiamen in Wyoming have also raised the alarms of black helicopters and tyranny over this issue. Well do you? Do you support the honoring of all treaties being broken even if it means that you yourself may have to move into a new home purchased by the US government to make way for Indian people to come back home?

If you do not support the honoring of all Indian treaties you are not supporting American Indians or the indigenous people of this land. It is quite simple. Another example? The Black Hills were promised to the Lakota people in the Fort Laramy Treaty of 1868. This includes an area of 8,400 square miles. This is an area almost the size of New Hampshire or 7 times bigger than Rhode Island and almost exactly the size of New Jersey. The Supreme Court ruled in 1980 that the treaty was still binding but found that it was unreasonable to honor the treaty at this time. So the US government offered an miniscule amount of money to get the Lakota to relinquish their claim. The Lakota turned the money down. The land must be returned. If you claim to support Indian people then you will support these treaties. There are hundreds of treaties that have been broken. It is time they be honored.

Militiamen are quick to run to the defense of a millionaire Mormon grazing on public land and refusing to pay the grazing fees. The fact of the matter is that most white people and especially white people out West are in no hurry to support indigenous land claims. Many white people do support the honoring of treaties and I honor them.The militia movement was founded in this country by men like John Trochman a former white supremacist, many of the militia organizations in the country were founded by right wing fascist who hide behind the American constitution and it’s flag.

Look at the case of the Arizona minutemen Shawna Forde who has been convicted of killing a Latino father Raul “Junior” Flores  and his 9 year old little girl Brisenia. This was a robbery gone wrong where the Minutemen were looking to make money from robbery. There have been reports in Arizona of the Minutemen shooting Latinos crossing into the US and others. Do indigenous people have any allies among these extremists? I do not think so.

It may be tempting to look for allies among these American thieves but remember their main line. They SUPPORT THE US CONSTITUTION in its original form. What does that mean? We know what it means Indigenous people, African people. all nonwhite people were not considered human. Slavery was legal. Women did not have right to vote. Thomas Jefferson himself authored the Indian Removal act first in 1803 and then it passed under President Jackson. So do we really have anything in common with a bunch of militiamen threatening federal agents to protect a Mormon who says it is his “divine right” to graze on stolen Western Shoshone land? We do not.

Several have posted on this site. “We are all in this together”. So I challenge all you militiamen and Republicans out there. If you support Indigenous people, then support the return of Riverton Wyoming back to the Wind River reservation. Support the return of the Black Hills. After that happens maybe we might believe you when you say you are on the side of indigenous people.



  1. I read the book, Meadow Mountain Massecre. While all this Bundy stuff went on, I wondered about the people who took land away from Shoshones etc. Shame on Bundy and maybe most shoud read the book too to learn a little history

  2. A little dyslexia. ..Mountain Meadows Massecre. Militia back than too….

  3. symbolic conditioning so the indian lives today .. but usa stole the land… or a treaty was quased … and i could go on and on.. never the less.. you wake to a system , then you become it .. that is what i here in natives all over turtle island now a days..sometimes even i use it myself to those that are most ignorant of their “colonial” laws.. that being said my ancestors did not create “treaties” because of mother earth they created treaties cause at the time they felt the “colonial” could only comprehend the paper so they accepted it as well… never the less people like william Tecumseh Sherman , Edward Cornwallis , Sir Edward Lytton, John A Mac Donald and the likes said it best .. treaties are just false words and nothing else. so the “colonies” wouldn’t get wiped out while land was stolen …”stolen” what a funny word … how can you steal “land” as well how can you “own land” .. sure caretaking yes yet… every human has a right to live.. just that colonial and democracy was never meant for equality they were only meant for hierarchy and heteronomy and nothing else… and until we as caretakers of mother earth dont see that we will continue despising that which we became as well….until balance gets restored we will keep going back and forth like a yo yo …..

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