Death Penalty For Freedom Industries and the Koch Brothers for Polluting our rivers

As the rest of the country reads about the toxic slew heading down the Ohio River from the Elk River in West VA in disbelief those of us who live in the Ohio Valley, Kentucky, West VA, Ohio are watching in disgust as the corporate media misses the story. WE ARE BEING POISONED BY THE COAL INDUSTRY! All of us have mercury in our water, selenium, hexavalent chromium to name a few as well. How long are we going to sit and watch while young people who commit economic crimes are sentenced to 10 years in jail for robbing a corner grocery and the Koch Brothers waltz on down the road always missing the raindrops. It is time for a change.

It is time we have Chinese styled penalties for corporate polluters that are putting our families, the wildlife, and the earth at risk everyday by poisoning our waters, our air, and the land. In China when a corporation put toothpaste on the market with some of the chemicals contained in antifreeze and children died in China, Panama and elsewhere the head of the plant was put to death. He wasn’t slapped on the wrist, he wasn’t jailed, he was executed! It is time the West took corporate crimes seriously instead of rewarding stockholders every step of the way. I call for the death penalty for all corporations participating in Mountaintop Removal, toxic spills, poisoning neighborhoods, and hurting the land and the people. Maybe they would stop and think before dumping 30,000 gallons of toxic slew into our rivers.

That is all I have to say today.

On Mount Shasta


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