In Love with the People! My declaration of Love

In Love with the People

There is something about the people, who against all odds gather to meet the storm, with all their strengths and weaknesses, and against all odds,

There is something about the people, who against all odds gather to meet the storm, with all their strengths and weaknesses, and against all odds,


The glimmer of power in her eyes as she looks at the beast, flyers clenched in hand, and says “you can go to hell, “


There is nothing more sensual to me than the fearless, sweat running down the neck eyes squinted, determined to keep the monster in check,


The rich beautiful darkness that strikes from what the white light thinks is hopelessness with a death blow delivered squarely between the shining glimmering eyes that peer out from the ivory tower above,


Nothing more alluring than this man who looks down the barrel of a loaded gun and say’s you can’t “kill us all”,

The wind racing through his hair and the musky smell of endeavor wafts up from the seeming pit to the top of the tower to let the white, shining light know that the illusion of goodness has come to an end,


Like when Daniel slew Goliath, like when the Bolsheviks turned their guns on the officers, like when the hobbled shoe maker throws the shoe in the machine and brings the factory to a halt,


It is for this that I have proclaimed my undying love this shining truth, oh to be at the barricade laughing facing death rising all mortality, would make any orgy seem mundane,


You are so beautiful, braced and ready, having made the choice to ascend to the tower and extinguish the blinding white light of persecution, your taut back straining under the load of your arrows,


Your eyes peer over the top of your bandana into mine and with a knowing look I have seen a thousand times before your love and mine ignite and combine to make a roaring blue flame of integrity,


SO addictive is this love between coconspirators, and we may never meet again but each glance collects in my heart and combines to fill my soul with a fire once lit will never go out.


Ah a flame is darkness consuming light, orange and red and at once blue a true blessed magik that cannot be tamed for the ones who flow forth from the dark can create the raging anywhere,


The White Light of the tower is dependent on the toil and vampiric sucking from the people, the land, the animals, and must continue it’s taking or their illusory parasitical game or there is no light!,


The paradox of light as good and darkness as bad? Who lives in the dark? The people, the creatures of the forest, those “savages”, those creatures that live for today, that live to play,


We have such love the tower cannot comprehend, we know we have nothing but ourselves to offer, so we know our love is true, huddled in the darkness tossing logs into the consuming blue fire,


The powerful, those in “light” never know who is really on their side, their own nature requires they only gather amongst themselves not in love but in fear their riches will be taken, their light extinguished,


Nothing as ugly as the anemic parasite wandering in search of the next host to exploit, a shadow of a soul, and surely not one of the human beings, and surely not in love,


I dedicate my soul to you, your moist brow and mine slide together as we strive to strike from within our darkness, our bodies intertwined in the night when the battle is done, as we make true love,


Yes, so arousing the people, nothing more reassuring than knowing that there are lovers all over the world who embrace me as I glide forward, my blade sharp, my wit honed, my rifle true,


And I love to give myself to them all, a drop in the bucket of darkness, we huddle together unseen until we strike,

I am in love with the people of darkness, our skin olive, to brown, to black, to white,


I am having a lifelong affair with the tawny muscles and calloused hands , squinting eyes, legs like bands of wire

I will love you for all time.



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