TO Glenn Beck From the Soviet Conspirators Behind Everything!

Glenn, Glenn, Glenn, you do know you look like an SS officer in this picture? Right? SO funny you are calling everyone else a communist/fascist? Look at you?

Where do I start?

Ok you have found us out, we were the true engineers of the uprising in Egypt.We engineered Katrina to undermine Bush. We are behind the economy falling apart, the Obama rise to power, the Obama fall from popularity, the Tea Party, the Illuminati, you name it we are behind it.

Can you believe a bunch of poor destitute communists are more powerful than corporations? We must be a bunch of wizards and warlocks. That must be it. We are really SATAN.

Here you are calling for liberals and progressives to be shot in the head and wow I am so surprised it took you so long to get around to.

So here is the REAL conspiracy.

A bunch of people who can barely win an election in Russia, n fact cannot seem to win any elections have been working in the shadows for 22 years to create a powerful force that can manifest the toppling of the Egyptian government with barely a hint of our existence. Pretty slick huh?

You would think the Egyptian people angry at starvation, unemployment, and being tortured and murdered at will for 30 years would be enough to push them into the streets. In fact, a so called “former Google” executive with a Facebook page under our explicit orders toppled a man with 70 billion dollars stashed away.

Is this your story? Really? OK well I guess that is all you have.

Amazing we were able to put the screws to the Muslim Brotherhood to force them to stay out of this “revolution” in a strategy designed to trick the entire world into thinking this was a bunch of kids wanting jobs and an end to torture?

Glenn, you are now telegraphing our big secret. Egypt was just a test, and Peoria is next! IT is too late to stop us. In fact the Tea Party is under our control as well. They have been engineered to through an intricate network of health food stores, non profit organizations, drum circles,the Humane Society, Animal Right’s orgs, Indian Tribes, self help groups, alcoholics anonymous, organic farms, VFW organizations, casinos, pagan nu age groups and many many others to bring the entire world under our control without ever firing a shot.

Glenn you must be just ready to explode trying to figure out how to escape our evil diabolical plan to take over the world without firing a shot. Resistance is futile! We have already instructed your own family to under the guise of an intervention, whisk you off to Utah where you will be held in front of the elders of the Latter Day Saints on a tribunal for crimes against your own faith. Yes Glenn through Harry Reid we have even infiltrated the Mormon Church.

The beauty of our plan is that we have no nation or country for you to attack. I will let you in on a secret though. Whole Foods Corporation is our dummy front corporation to facilitate our plan to insidiously sneak Halal food into the American Food Chain. Once this has been accomplished the rest will be easy.

Obama doesn’t even know he is part of the plan. He is truly the “Manchurian Candidate”. He receives phone calls everyday where certain code words are spoken to him that cue him to carry out his next set of commands. Yes Saudi Arabia is next. What will you do Glenn?

There is only one answer. You must find the Brain or nerve center of our operations and eliminate it. I will even tell you where it is. The Mormon Tabernacle Basement and the Church of Scientology Head Quarters are our two nerve centers. Take those down and we will be powerless.

Good Luck Glenn!


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