Holy?, Wholly?, Holey?


Lord? I have none, God? I have no one ruler, there is only the river of life and the many spirits that and Almighty? Yes and no?
The river of life if one understands and has a true relation with it is the almighty force of energy that we can draw from. There are traditions not based on dogma and are historically respectful of the earth and all human beings. I hold them up.

Alas, a world polluted with the deeds of those feigning relation, crusading for a “Lord” they have no true relation with? The stories of their “Holy” trinity. their “Wholly” genocidal justifications for murdering millions in the name of their imaginary old man in the sky directing traffic from the sky.
Their assumptions, assertions and actions “Holey” as they clumsily stumbled through the forest and lands of the sacred earth. Showing no understanding or respect for any life or force walking, crawling, or flying.

The “Grail” they hijacked into their fairy tale carried into their crusading, their destiny manifest, like the Yule tree, the Egg of spring, and so many other pagan traditions? The Graal was yet another Christian symbol, taken from pagans and morphed into the cup or bowl Jesus used to commune?
These crusading sociopaths killed every person in their wake who clung to their old ways. Witches, Aboriginal people they encountered along their path to seize and dominate every acre of land on the planet. Of course rape and murder of every people they encountered who refused to embrace their cross? Justified! The murder of those same people once they would surrender to Christianity? Justified, because they would be put on trial for having pagan ways genetically embedded in them thart could only be purified by fire.
We now know from the Salem witch trials and the inquisitions that these purging interrogations were really about stealing lands and wealth and needing an excuse to take it.
The Imperial thieves always gave their nights and soldiers a religious script to carry forward as they raped, burned, and murdered their way across the globe.
It continues to this day. Constantine’s cross was used in the beginning of European Christianity to immediately steal and purge Jews and pagans from the land. Today it is fighting the “Muslims” to preserve “Our way of life”. The reducing to less than human those who do not carry Constantine’s sword is as much garbage today as it was 1700 years ago.
Of course the Jews allegedly killed Christ so that was an easy stretch?
Today, the rhetoric has been calmed in public, and the last witch trial was 100 years ago, but the insidious subtext will always be there. So now, many Christian faiths do good and charitable deeds and that is nice. It does not however change the fact that the underpinnings and historical record of each denomination are merely lies?
Example? The Southern Baptist Convention was created when:
The SBC became a separate denomination in 1845 in Augusta, Georgia, following a regional split with northern Baptists over the issues of slavery.
So why should I or any other person of conscience care what they do now? Their faith. Their foundation is in quick sand. My father was a Southern Baptist Minister who taught me these things and was highly critical of it after he left.
Calvanism was used as a pretext to set the stage for capitalism.
It goes on and on.
Recently many were concerned to find that Pope Benedict had tes to the Nazis in WWII. Doug Stanhope (comedian) saw it differently. Stanhope pointed out that when you stack the history of murder and fascism of the Catholic Church that went on for Over 1800 years world wide? Compared to the Nazis few short years in power? and yet no one recoils in horror when the word Catholic is uttered or claimed? Ending his rant with “Hey you know that Nazi? he used to be a Pope”. “Now that is truly shocking”
So in the end? I see nothing “Holy” in any religious institution. I see the Holy in individual action and achievement that flows from the river. So I am not disrespecting all Christians. I am disrespecting their political and organizational institutions and their legacy of aggression. That legacy to me with a couple of exceptions (American Friends Service Committee, and others of progressive individual action) is “Wholly” more evil than the evil they strive to rid the world of.
Their arguments as I have already laid out are “Holey”. Their actions murderous. Their words from the wrath of God to the “Love of God” seems to change as is politically expedient.

For me their is the earth, the sky, the universe and all that is in it. The spirits conspire with me and I with them and all people of true love to hold back the aggressors.


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