The people of Arizona aren’t under seige, the indigenous people of this hemisphere are coming home!

There is something I cannot wrap my mind around. I was with a friend last night and I was talking about a recent study done by the University of Cincinnati that showed that the people most likely to be detained and arrested under the new AZ Bill 1070 were Native Americans of the state of Arizona? Her response by baffled me and this isn’t a racist person but it showed that people in this country have been fed a bunch lies to the point of absurdity. Her response wasl, “that sucks but those people along the border in Arizona are under seige”.
What followed was a heated argument that was sad. I responded “I know, the people of Mexico and native tribes along that border are under seige by the US government, the US Border patrol, and white supremacist organizations ike the minutemen.” She responded to that by saying I was racist against white people”. I was infuriated and just don’t get it.


I don’t see how that is possible as I am predominantly of caucasian heritage but ok, I will entertain the accusation. Why am I so passionate about this issue? Ask Father Jim Flynn a priest in Louisville who witnessed people trying to flee the wars in Central and South America as a result of US foreign policy over the last 140 years. Jim is pure white. Ask my friends David Horvath or Pat Geir who have travelled to Central and South America repeatedly about the families torn apart by war in Gautemala, last I checked Pat and David were pure white. Ask David Sharp a cab driver in Louisville who travelled to Honduras as part of a peace delegation as the Contras had been waging war in Nicaraugua on behalf of the Progressive Students League. Also Pure White. They will all tell you what those who bother to be educated about this issue have always known. People of Latin America and Haiti flee to the United States because of the conditions our military and US corporations have caused there.

Siince Corneilious Vanderbilt sent William Walker to proclaim himself President of Nicaragua during the years of 1856-1860. From 1853-1856 Walker was part of an expeditionary force to conquer Mexico. He then went to Nicaragua and proclaimed himself president. William Walker was executed and rightfully so by a firing squad in Honduras.

Ever since, the US and US corporations have controlled Latin America and the Caribbean along with Britain with an Iron fist. Wages are kept dirt low and the governments have been dictatorships. Every time the people elected someone who represented the poor the US Marines would go in and take them out. Allende in Chile, Arbenz in Guatemala, Che in Bolivia, Lumumba in the Congo, the marines occupied Haiti from 1915-1930.Most recently George Bush Jr. had the US Marines stand over Aristide as he signed his resignation papers at gun point. How does the fact that I point these facts out make me a racist?
Each and everytime governments have repressed the people of this hemisphere. THE INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF THIS HEMISPHERE!!

The racists are the ones who sit home and swallow everything the news tells them. So let us get this right. Native people welcomed every damn peicce of Flotsam and Jetsom with a gun that landed in this country until they figured out their true intentions. A nation of immigrants whether the rightfu owners of this land wanted them here or not. So now the indigenous of this hemisphere and poor Haitians who come to this country are “taking our jobs” and “have us under seige”? Seriously? So the fact that like 100,0000,000 thats One hundred million Native people have died and been displaced by Amerikkka,the Spaniards, the British , and the French, now wish to find a safe place to call home in THEIR hemisphere, they have US under seige? Not so fast.

When will working class white people like my friend whom I really love and think is a very nice person on many levels realize that the longer working calls folks stay divided from the lower class and the poor. As long as white womyn bond with their right wing firends and the Evangelicals instead of the forces of all oppressed people in this world their lot will always be pushed down. Somehow Rush Limbaugh gets you fools who refuse to study history to blame the lowest man on the totem pole for all your problems. This country always gets white people to hate the poorest instead of the rich man who stands on your throat.

The rich have always used race to divide the working class and this immigration issue is right out of their playbook. Now anyone who knows me well would tell my friend that I have organized poor white folks, middle class white folks, Latinos, indigenous Central Americans, indigenous North Americans, I have organized with African Americans, and anyone who would join with me in kicking the 2% out of power that control 90% of the property. I love my father very much and he is pure white. So how do these uneducated people Allow themselves to be duped into this argument?

The White working class has always run to the defence of the rich. If anyone attacks the rich the white working class defends them. The assumption has always been “I’m White, I could someday get rich” therefore an attack on the rich is an attack on their foolish dreams and it is racism? Seriously? Go to hell then. All of you who feel that way. I am tired of coddling you. Get it straight!

Why am I sooo passionate about this issue? I worked side by side with so many beautiful people in South Florida. Guatemalan Mayans, Mexicans, Haitians, Hondurans, Jamaicans, and so many more. The nicest people I ever met. So what do I know after organizing folks who work as migrant farmers and landscapers, costruction workers, and every shit job in Florida? That they are many times held hostage by their employers after fleeing Earthquakes, wars, corporate corruption, and much more. They have extremely high birth defect rates because of having pesticides dumped on them. If they complain about labor conditions back home they are shot. If they do it in the USA they are deported. They cannot win. They are not taking your jobs!! They are taking jobs that every white person I ever met in Florida said ” I wouldn’t do that”. Why are wages so low? Because uneducated white folks spent 30 years electing right wing anti-union thugs who conspired to bring these so-called illegals to under cut wages in right to work states. SO hey White people!? look in the mirror and say I gve them my job!! How? Voting non-union for 30 years.
Now the drug violence on the border? !!! Hey idiots!! End the genocidal drug war in this country and there will be no drug lords!! The drug war is based on the fact that drug dealers know we will always send drugs underground and never provide treatment on demand!!

A rancher got shot in AZ by drug dealers? A young Mexican got shot in LA un-armed by a border patrol agent inside Mexico!! Even steven. You are under seige by your own government.

I have to say that personally i believe that the indigenous and oppressed people coming into the USA is the fulfillment of the 7 fires prophecy. Welcome home hermano. Welcome home hermana. VIVA LA Revolucion!! Hasta LA Victoria Siempre!! “until victory always/forever” !!


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