Warriors For Justice and Resistance to Imperialism

Louisville Warriors! Anne Reynolds (mother of Adrian Reynolds who was murdered by police and Mattie Jones blockade LPD HQ

It is amazing to me as I have studied the ways  of warriors throughout my life that the attributes of the warrior in almost every society of any value are the same.
The Samurai

The nine noble virtues of the Germanic Odinic rites:
Odinic Rite

7.Self Reliance

Sun Tzu’s the Art of War
“The battle never fought is already won” and the vast many other truths contained within.

The teachings of Confucius

“To know your faults and be able to change is the greatest virtue.”

“What you do not wish for yourself, do not do to others.”

“With coarse rice to eat, with water to drink, and my crooked arm for a pillow – is not joy to be found therein? Riches and honors acquired through unrighteousness are to me as the floating clouds.”

“Knowledge is recognizing what you know and what you don’t.”

“Reviewing the day’s lessons. Isn’t it joyful? Friends come from far. Isn’t it delightful? One has never been angry at other’s misunderstanding. Isn’t he a respectable man?”

The world of the dying, the way of the socalled Christians. the wrongs of the world, are committed by al those who have forgotten the old ways.
In al of these societies there are examples of those who use the codes that define them as a people and twist them to allow selfishness, dishonesty, greed, and betrayal.

Without bringing my own warrior code into this I will tell you this. Unless all people everywhere return to the old ways of the warrior codes of their people then life for this so-called endeavor is not worthy of continuing.
It is a blight upon this earth and a blight upon the soul. Without a truly and honestly heartfelt community bond and a connection to the earth? What is the point? Life is for all who participate in this charade physical and spiritual masturbation. There is no satisfying the beast the collective has become.
Without loyalty all is nothing!
Without honest good friends life is nothing!
Without perseverance life is nothing!

It is merely eating, defecating, sleeping, and copulating. A mindless mechanized excersze in futility. I hope there comes a time when the inhuman will be held accountable if not I will die working for that day and will be remembered much as a salmon swimming upstream to nest who hit a dam. I really have no longer have sympathy, empathy, or charity for those who know better and choose to ignore the truth. Who plow forward satisfying their “desires” defecating on everyone who they used to satisfy those desires. I really hope you all meet an untimely fate so that those who want to live in a just world can proceed. Seriously. I have always been a fan of the banana peel theory of revenge. You know the old give them enough rope theory of revenge. I know you will hang yourselves if only some shiny object of your selfish desires is dangled in front of you, you will eventually fall in the pit or hang yourself in the snare. You can’t help yourselves. So be on the look out there are pits, snares, and banana peels everywwhere.

I do not believe in revenge, i believe in neutralizing a bad player, a taker, a fascist to in good and loving way end suffering in the most peaceful and non-disruptive manner as is possible. The fighter or hunter who acts out of anger, is out of balance, and has already lost the war.


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